Real Estate Litigation

Realtor Representation
A real estate broker introduces a buyer to a seller and then the buyer and seller conspire to cut the realtor out of the transaction to avoid paying him a commission. The broker has a remedy because if he is the procuring cause of the sale and the seller and buyer close behind his back then the broker is entitled to a commission. A commission may be due not only on real estate sales, but also on leases secured by the broker.

Mark has represented numerous real estate brokers seeking to get paid for their hard work. Mark often times handles this type of claim on a contingency fee basis.

Specific Performance
A buyer and seller enter into a contract for the sale of real estate. One of them then desires to get out of the contract either because the buyer believes he overpaid for the property or because a seller has found a buyer who will pay more money to acquire the property. Mark has represented many buyers seeking to force the seller to close. Mark has also represented sellers seeking to seize a buyer’s deposit. Mark is familiar with the terms typically contained in real estate contracts which have a bearing on these disputes.

Commercial Evictions
A landlord often relies upon a tenant’s rent to pay his mortgage. When that tenant defaults on paying rent it can cause the landlord great financial distress and possibly cause the landlord to go into foreclosure. In these situations it is important to expeditiously evict the non-paying tenant and to sue the tenant and any guarantor for damages. Mark has extensive experience representing landlords in commercial eviction cases.